In our 5200m2 of production space has complete facilities and latest technology to cut, sew fabric panels and using High frequency machineries for PVC & PTFE fabrics with steel capacity of 7,000 tons per annum..

Furthermore, our workshop has been well equipped with the state of art equipment including welding stations, roll benders, drilling units and painting facility.

We are completely integrated in terms of using sophisticated tools and equipment to cut raw steel and fabricate all of our plates.We have certified welder which ensure that uk omega fake we always meet our internal and external quality standards.

Our tensile structure are fabricated utilizing the strongest seams applicable to the individual fabric heat sealing radio frequency (RF) sealing , sewn seams and high class threads provide the longest life expectancy in the industry.

The fabric pattering, sewing and cutting crews utilize the most available advance computer controlled cutting technology which provides load analysis and tight tolerance.

The plant is managed by professionals and experienced team that focus on quality, safety and delivery. The team of fabrication professionals is matched in our industry that consistently products structures that exceed our customer’s requirements with high quality and delivery expectation.

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